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  2005 ChemLin

What is ChemLin? ...

... Information medium
for topics of chemistry and the related science areas

Analog to a library ChemLin can be described as an index for the search of specific informations; but in contrast to a library mostly documents in form of internet pages and electronic texts are registered in ChemLin, so you can say it is a virtual library.


The informations are arranged in alphabetical order in subject categories. To simplify the search there are reference indexes, for example scientific informations, commercial pages as well as a Search form available. Special navigation instruments such as Reference book search, Meta search form for chemicals informations or subject catalogs (for instance Subareas Chemistry, Literature etc.) and others  round off the selection.


The ChemLin concept offers the user decisive advantages for instance compared to search engines: The order of informations and editorial revising of separate entries not only leads the ChemLin visitor ballast free to the desired information source, but the source can (generally) also be reached. So to find the desired contents it is not necessary to view the contents of countless Internet pages. The search is not least made easier by the comments to the individuell entries.


With it's more than 20.000 Internet sources and constantly increasing access numbers (see Statistic) ChemLin is one of the leading information portals in the area of chemistry, pharmacy and environment. Furthermore the English version opens the gate to the international chemistry community.



... Purchasing guide, company index and product market
for chemistry products, instruments and services

The ChemLin-Marketplace for companies, chemistry products, instruments and equipment as well as services is also organized in categories and can be used as a purchasing guide as well as a medium for product informations. Direct connections with the scientific/informal categories of the same topic allow the visitor to change between commercial and informal contents without leaving the topic area.


The overall concept makes the marketplace attractive not only for the user by providing specialized as well as commercial informations in connection; for the advertising supplier it results in the advantage to reach exactly the target group .



... Publication platform
for all kinds of natural-scientific documents

ChemLin not only offers it's own texts like for instance Laws and Ordinances in digital and in printed form (german law); you can also use ChemLin as a publication medium to sell or also publizise free of charge your thesis, dissertation, scientific paper, specialized book or scientific article. Companies and institutions are usually the buyers of these works. Find out more about the possibilities under: Authors guidelines.



... Communication platform
for the exchange of informations

For the information exchange between ChemLin users among themselves two online forums are available:


The Chemistry forum may be used as a communication platform for any topics related to chemistry. A subdivision in certain topic areas ensures clarity and enables the user to get a fast overview of "his special topic". For the university field there is a special Student forum available.



... News and advertising paper
with current news, newsletter, job and product market

ChemLin offers current informations on chemistry, pharmacy and environment in various forms:


In the News area current news items from the world of science and chemical industry as well as product novelties are publizised. Special news concerning the German  legislation in the natural-scientific field may be found in the Newsletter Chemistry, pharmacy, environment, which can be subscribed to free of charge.


The "advertising section" of ChemLin consists among others of a Job market with jobs wanted and job offers. In the product market current ads for chemistry products, equipment and instruments can be placed. The placement of the ads is done with prefabricated forms.



... Marketing medium and promoter
for your products and services


to the summary "Marketing measures



... Service and information services
in the commercial area


to the summary "Service and information services


Further informations about ChemLin:


Guests and access numbers (statistical)


Opinions and honours 







1996 - 2005 ChemLin, updated on 30 April 2011

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