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Mediterranean fruit fly ( Ceratitis capitata ) attack on fruits and its control  in Sindh Pakistan


by Farzana Panhwar



Fruit flies belongs the genus Bactrocea, Ceratitis Capitata. Mediterranean fruit fly belongs to genera Dacus and group Bactrocera. So far 200 species of fruit flies under 71 genera, 13 tribes and 4 subfamilies are known. All these flies can be identified through a dichotomous key running in 202 couplets. Fruit flies belong to Anastrepha ( 8species), Bactrocera (30 species), Ceratitis (7species), Dirioxa (2 species and Toxotrypana ( one specie). All Dacus species attack on mango placed under genus Bactrocera.

The order of important of fruit flies are as under:

Dacus Ferrugincus Flo
Dacus Zonatus Sound.
Dacus diversus coq.

Although Dacus Cucurbitae coq also present in Sindh but it is less important.

The tephritidae family of Dipterous is insects like fruit fly .Lower Sindh has decus Zonalus, Saunders fly. The upper Sindh and the Northern Pakistan have this and another fly Docus Dorsalis Henpd.

Fruit fly damage is different rate, and action on different mangoes varieties. In Dashchasri it cause 3.6 to 10% damage while in Bagun phali it causes more than 80% damage. It major hosts are: Avocado, apple, banana, guava, grapefruit, lemon, peaches and mangoes (E.S.C.Smith, 1986) mulberry, orange, , fig, vegetable , gourds namely marrow, sponge gourd, bitter guard ,musk melon, plum, loquat, melon and tomatoes.

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Further information:


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