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Location: Delhi, India
Bio: My name is Riya and I work as a product manager for IndiaRush. Being a women-oriented brand, the online store focuses on ethnic fashion and brings the best out our culture and vintage heritage. Be it fancy sarees, artificial jewellery, rings for women, imitation jewellery, mangalsutras or other classic ethnic essentials for women, there is an array of everything which is designed to match the personality and fashion needs of every individual. From traditional to trendy, western to indo western dresses, shop your fave clothes and fashion accessories from us and make the most of your online shopping. The latest trend and fashion hacks will make your day and bring you in the league of experts.
Be it Indian festivals, weddings, family celebrations, traditional occasions or any other gala, IndiaRush brings you an array of designer clothes and latest women watches online to flare your overall personality. Let’s make heads turn around.
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